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Everyone wants to have a flat stomach and toned abs. That is evident in how many searches are done on keyword searches such as “flat abs” “ab burners” “how to get abs” and “six pack abs”. But, the truth is that people are not just looking for how to get those things, they want to get them easily. They are looking for the keys to great abs that:

  • let them eat what they want
  • skip abs, crunches or other hard work
  • spend only a few minutes a day on their abs

The sad truth is that will not work. That magic formula does not exist, but that doesn’t stop people from playing on those desires whenever they get the chance. How to Spot a Scam From a Mile Away Before we get to the actual Mike Geary review, there are a few things that you should know about scam products and services. They play on the fears and the secret desires of people who are not confident in their body and want fast results without the real work. And, many of those same people are often the first to ask if The Truth About Abs is a scam or to point to the Mike Geary scam sites. A scam site:

  • makes outrageous claims and promises
  • does not reveal that it is a money making venture until the end
  • doesn’t offer details like training and credentials
  • sounds too good to be true

Remember, it is always best to err on the side of caution. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not. Why the Truth About Abs is a Top Seller Any Mike Geary review should talk about more than just one product, however, it does deserve special attention because of its overwhelming success. Written by Mike Geary, The Truth About Abs is the number one ranked abs program on It is also an international best seller with hundreds of thousand readers in more than 163 countries. Why is it such a hot seller? Knowledge: Mike Geary is a Certified Nutritional Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Susquehanna University. Geary specializes in body fat reduction strategies, a key area in the pursuit of flat abs and a toned midsection. But, he is more than just an expert in the field, he is a real person with a real body and even he admits that he has to work to maintain his lean physique, using the same principles that he teaches in the Truth About Abs and his many other articles and appearances. He can help you because he has been able to help himself.


Variety: In addition to the Truth About Abs, there are a number of other articles, newsletters and other information that Geary gets out to customers. His newsletter has more then 700,000 subscribers worldwide. Geary has also written fitness articles and blog posts for more than a thousand web sites. In addition, Mike Geary has contributed pieces to popular magazines that include Muscle and Fitness as well as Oxygen. Hundreds of thousands of people heard him speak on radio programs across the nation as well as on video presentations on the internet. Simplicity: The Truth About Abs is not about spending hours in a gym doing boring exercises and hours of cardio nor is it about buying ridiculous gadgets that do not work and only make you lose money.In addition, Geary’s eBook discusses the so called health foods that people eat by mistake.


Thankfully, he lists dozens of others that can be eaten instead but still get the success you want. And remember, Mike Geary uses these same techniques to keep his own body in tip top condition. Why Do People Insist it is a Scam? Why are there so many Mike Geary scam questions out there? There are probably a dozen reasons but the most important one is simple: people lash out at things that they are jealous of and they become jealous only of things that actually work and do what they say. Another group of people might not get the success that they wanted, usually because they did not put in the work. If you want flat abs and a toned mid section, you have to put in the work it is that simple. If you give it a chance and put in the work, you will get what you wanted.

Mike Geary

Mike Geary

The Truth About The Truth About Abs, Once and For All Mike Geary’s eBook, The Truth About Abs does not give false promises or offer shaky science with fake studies and statistics. You don’t sell a fake book to more than 400,000 people and you certainly don’t get far more people signing up for your newsletter if all you are doing is scamming people. Again, The Truth About Abs is not:

  • not about hours of cardio work
  • a magic pill or potion
  • another useless gadget or gimmick
  • countless crunches or sit ups
  • written by an amateur without training to back it up

If you are ready to buy the #1 ranked Clickbank product and see what everybody is talking about now is the time. Don’t put off your flat abs for another minute. But, Does it Work? Finally, we get to the meat and potatoes of the review. Does The Truth About Abs really work? It does but not by remote control. You have to actually do the work that is laid out for you. You have to be ready to change your eating habits, too. Mike Geary makes that easy with a book that he co-authored that can be used as a companion to the Truth About Abs. That second book, The Fat Burning Kitchen: Your Twenty four Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine can be used to get the nutritional information that will help peel layers of fat from your body. Face it, what good is it to sculpt tight, sexy abs if you are going to keep them hidden under a layer of fat?


So, What Should I Do Next? The truth is out there. Whether you think it is real or a scam will depend on your personal experience. The first step is to buy your own copy of the Truth About Abs. Then, you need to get to work changing your body and your eating habits. You won’t get results if you don’t listen to the advice and you get the advice by reading the book. Every day that you wait is just one more day to put on weight- which will make it harder to get to the flat abs of your dreams. Your first step depends on you and your dedication to your goals. And remember: the harder you work, the faster it happens.

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